ScentPro’s Drug Detection Dog Teams are without doubt one of the most experienced Drug Detection Units in the U.K. With over 6400 live operational searches conducted over a 5 ½ year period, the numbers speak for themselves.

ScentPro are one of only a couple of companies authorised to operate airside at international airports conducting searches of aircraft, baggage and critical areas. Our expertise in the Aviation sector truly is way ahead of any competitor company. Our Drugs Detection Dog Teams are available at short notice and can be deployed Nationally, usually within 4 hrs of request. The majority of our handlers hold CTC (counter terrorist check) vetting normally carried out by The Common and Foreign wealth office or the MOD (Ministry of Defense).

ScentPro provide both proactive and reactive drugs detection services to a host of clients including, but not restricted to Airports, International Airlines, Private and Public Education Establishments, Corporate and commercial organisations, Hospitals and the Health Services, License Trade, Festivals & Event Management companies.

We operate both Proactive and Passive (people scanning) detection dogs

ScentPro hold a Home Office license to possess controlled drugs.

In addition to our Canine Drugs Detection service, ScentPro also offer a dedicated drugs testing service. Our qualified, experienced collection agents can attend any location at your request and conduct either random or targeted drug testing of employees or individuals. We offer drugs testing by collecting saliva, hair or urine samples. The urine samples are tested on site immediately following collection providing an almost instant result and thus enabling our clients to make informed and timely decisions regarding drug use within their establishment.

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