The demand for professionally trained, top quality, Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD’s) has never been as high. With the rise of international terrorism and the ever emerging threat of terrorist attacks involving IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices) more and more clients are approaching ScentPro to supply them with fully trained Explosive Detection Dogs.

All our Explosive Detection Dogs are trained to a minimum of ACPO standard (Association of Chief Police Officers). Our Explosive Detection Dogs undergo an intense training program. The program consists of environmental training, agility and obedience training and of course scent imprint and recognition training.

At ScentPro, we only ever use “live explosives” to train our dogs. We do not believe in the use of pseudo odours as used by other detection dog trainers.

Every ScentPro trained EDD is conditioned to display a solid indication upon discovery of a target odour. Some clients prefer an alternative indication type. ScentPro are able to train any desired indication type including a bark, scratch, stand / stare or down indication.

As well as being assessed initially for environmental soundness, ScentPro’s EDD’s are routinely exposed to new and challenging environments throughout their detection training. We aim to ensure that our clients are supplied with a dog which is “fit for purpose” and one which is immediately able to undertake operational taskings in a variety of given environments. As part of our basic training, our EDD’s are trained to operate within transport hubs, office buildings, shopping and town centres. They are also introduced to aircraft, trains, trams, various vehicles and vessels where required.

Our Explosive Detection Dogs are trained to conduct the following search types.

  • Vehicle Search
  • Venue Search
  • Open Area Search
  • Route Search

For those dogs destined to be operational in high risk areas and war zones, we are able to train the dogs to operate with major distraction such as gun fire and hostile crowds.

Please feel free to contact our office should you have any questions regarding our Explosive Detection Dogs.