ScentPro’s main training facilities are located within the grounds of a large Cheshire country estate. The estate covers over 1000 acres, made up of farm land, farm buildings, offices, commercial developments, pasture, arable land and mixed woodland.

Our training facility is situated in the centre of the estate. As well as being the site for our secure kennels, we have a large dedicated barn complex purposely converted to individual training rooms, which provide realistic internal search scenarios for conditioning the correct search systems into both dogs and handlers.

We also have an extensive road and track network on site which is perfect for introducing the dogs to route searches. Add this to the vast surrounding area to which we have free access and areas specifically designated for the training of open area search techniques, we are confident that we have one of the most multipurpose and diverse training facilities in the U.K.

ScentPro have access to some excellent off-site facilities including international airports, transport hubs, football and entertainment stadia, hotels, clubs and licensed premises. We ensure that all supplied trained dogs are environmentally sound and all are acclimatised to a range of if not all of the above facilities.