ScentPro specialise in the sourcing and provision of “Green” (untrained) dogs.

Our green dogs have been supplied to National and International police forces, government departments, Military and MOD units, corporate organisations and private security personnel working within the detection dog arenas.

ScentPro’s green dogs are suitable for use in any detection discipline including Explosives and Drugs detection. We are of course always happy to speak to clients regarding any specific requirements they may have. ScentPro pride ourselves on our ability to fulfil bespoke orders in a timely and cost effective manner.

Our green dogs undergo an in depth selection process. During the process the dogs are tested for temperament, suitability and trainability. The dogs drive and search commitment is tested to a point where weaker less driven dogs would give up the hunt.

All ScentPro Green dogs are health checked and supplied with any associated paperwork and full veterinary records. These records provide details and proof of standard vaccinations, flea and parasite treatment schedules and any recent veterinary administered treatments or medication. Our green dogs can also be vaccinated against the Rabies virus should clients wish.

Only dogs which demonstrate the highest of drives are deemed suitable for our green dog programme.

ScentPro currently supply a number of the largest and most successful Police and commercial, training facilities in the U.K. with specialist course ready dogs.

These dogs are not just Green Dogs with a high ball drive. They have been individually selected to meet the clients requirements, rigorously assessed and have undergone a lengthy training program to prepare them for their inclusion on a clients training course.

All our course ready dogs are environmentally sound. They are trained to search for either a specific target odour specified by the client or a tennis ball (or part of). ScentPro’s course ready dogs are supplied with a solid indication (usually a sit / freeze).

These dogs are as per their description, trained to a level to enable them to be placed onto a training course immediately. ScentPro pride ourselves on the quality of this service. We have many return clients and we are now the preferred supplier for many training institutes and detection schools.

Why purchase a “Green Dog” and have the frustration which often goes with conditioning a solid indication when you can source a course ready dog from ScentPro. ScentPro are a fully operational Detection Dog company as well as a training establishment. As such we are uniquely placed to ensure any dog we supply possesses the desired ability, drive and commitment to not only pass a detection dog course but also to be successful in the field once trained.

Please contact us for further information regarding this service.