Mobile phones are fast becoming one of the most sought after items of contraband within U.K. and International prison facilities. Their value between the criminal fraternity inside of prisons and correctional institutes is immense.

Due to their size, they are often easily smuggled into facilities and once inside, they are used by criminal elements to continue running illegal businesses, arrange drugs and other contraband smuggling, conduct witness intimidation and sometimes plan escapes. Scentpro are able to provide trained mobile phone detection dogs to clients with such requirements.

Mobile phones have their own unique odour. ScentPro’s training team can condition the dog to identify this specific odour throughout many environments. The dogs ability to discriminate between odours means the mobile phone cannot be concealed using masking odours. Regardless of where the phone is concealed or what it is concealed within, the trained detection dog will have the ability to discriminate against none target odours and work through the various scent pictures to locate the hidden mobile phone.