The trade in illegal and smuggled tobacco in the U.K costs the Government in excess of £2b per year. In addition to this, organised crime, criminal gangs and terrorist organisations are using the trade of illicit tobacco as a major funding stream for their activities.

ScentPro are able to produce expertly trained Tobacco Detection Dogs to assist any organisation with their fight against this illegal activity. ScentPro’s Tobacco Detection Dogs are trained to find varying quantities of concealed Tobacco. They will readily detect rolled cigarettes and loose leaf product.

We are also able to assist with detection operations using our residential team of detection dogs and expert handlers

ScentPro’s Tobacco detection dog teams can be deployed throughout the U.K. at short notice. Our dogs are trained to locate and indicate the presence of both counterfeit and legal tobacco, whether that be in the form of packaged cigarettes or loose packaged rolling tobacco.

Our dogs can operate in any environment and are an invaluable asset to any counterfeit or tobacco smuggling operation. Our teams will work alongside Government agencies and organisations including U.K. Border Agency, Trading Standards, Local Authority and Trading standards.

Please feel free to contact us for further information or to book a Tobacco Detection Dog Team.